Thursday, 23 October 2014

Is every little not enough any more?

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As Tesco became worth less than a packet of peanuts this morning, the news just buzzed! All of a sudden the media's big story was all about the thrifty shoppers who had turned their backs on the big flashy supermarkets and had turned instead to the discounter such as Lidl and Aldi. 

I still use most of the supermarkets from time to time but I'm hunting for the bargains, I've researched using  and I would also advise that you could go directly to Iceland's website, who also seem determined to under cut the big supermarkets. I'm always suggesting that families stock up on frozen veggies, fruit, meat and fish. You can also find some pantry and store cupboard staples in Poundland  and the 99p Store has some really great offers on household cleaning products. The economy is such that families are setting aside any snobbery and shopping where their purse allows. 

So, why do we think the shops have turned their backs on the big supermarkets. Here's one thing that lots of people don't like and that do it yourself tills. Lidl and Aldi don't have these and open all the checkouts, calling staff off the shop floor to come and work the tills. If you have children, there isn't much to pester about in the cheap supermarkets, there's no massive displays in August telling you it's Christmas!! Although Aldi have offers, which means anything from ice skates to a cement mixer, in the main, they just sell food. Nothing fancy, just every day food at prices we can afford. They also don't work on confusing offers, or BOGOFs, just simple pricing where most items are cheaper than those in the big supermarkets. 

People are becoming increasingly savvy and cynical about marketing, no body is that stupid to fall for the supermarket tricks. We all know the end of aisle tricks that look like the item is cheap but it often isn't. We all know that eye level is buy level and the cheaper less profitable items are on the bottom shelf. We know there is very little difference between supermarket own brand and supermarket value brands. So, where does that leave Tesco and the other big supermarkets? We are buying their less profitable items, we are not succumbing to their multi-buy items, we are not buying their premium ranges. We are also using home delivery which means we are not impulse buying.

People are also becoming increasingly thrifty in their life styles. 

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You are also reading thrifty blogs and getting ideas on saving money. I was contacted by two radio stations this morning, BBC 5 Live's news programme and Radio Gloucestershire's mid-morning programme. Click here to listen to Five Live - move slider to 18 minutes in and Click here to listen to Radio Gloucestershire - move the slider to 1 hour 40 minutes. 

Now, it's your turn. Who else is finding the price of food getting to the point of ridiculous? Who else is having to shop round to feed their families. As I said, families only have so much money and they having to be really careful with what they do with it.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx