Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mighty Meaty Mushrooms

Hello Dear Reader,

On the second day of my holiday, I got teacher's guilt. Teacher's guilt is where the teacher in the relationship feels guilty that they are on holiday whilst their partner is at work. Well, I got a really bad dose of that today! I tend to turn into 50's housewife when that happens and try to cook something that I know Dearly Beloved will really love. 

We both love Portobello mushrooms but they usually pricey. I picked up four priced at 79p in Aldi. To cook my Mighty Meaty Mushroom recipe you will need:

4 large flat mushrooms 79p
1/4 chorizo - chopped - 50p
2 sliced of bacon chopped - 40p
half a jar of pesto - 50p
1 onion finely chopped - 6p
100g of finely grated cheddar - 50p 

Total £2.75 plus salad came to about £2 a head - To be honest, this was a blow out and in reality, one mushroom each with some salad would have been quite enough. For a family serve this with crusty bread and salad to bring each meal well into the £1 a head threshold.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Get the oven on to 180
2. Get a pan hot and chop the onion, chorizo and bacon.
3. Fry those until cooked through.

Wipe your mushrooms clean.
Fill them with pesto. Again, I over did this and could have used less pesto but the jar had been opened a while and I hate leaving the 'odd bit' in the bottom of the jar. If you have just a smidge of pesto left, keep the jar in the fridge and dilute with water when you need to use it and add to sauce for pasta. The pasta below is from Lidl, it's 89p or you can buy one just as good in Aldi for 99p.

As you can see, I've loaded the pesto into this and we could have had a lot less. Teacher's guilt......he loves pesto!

Now, the mighty meaty bit. Load in the bacon, chorizo and onions. You could do a veggie version with peppers, courgettes, grated carrot and plenty of garlic all cooked until softened in olive oil or butter.

Now, pile the cheese onto each one. Bake in the oven for around 20 - 30 minutes.

I made a very simple salad of beetroot (ready cooked and vacuum packed) - 69p for four beetroot in Aldi, with a few cherry tomatoes, 1/4 of a cucumber diced. All tossed in one tablespoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. I always have bottles of lemon juice and buy then 3 bottles for £1 from Approved Food.

 The end result is a real meat feast. The mushrooms have a steak like texture and are really substantial. At one point, DB closed his eyes whilst he was eating these as he really savoured them.

Here they are, Mighty Meaty Mushrooms on a bed of chopped beetroot. 

Next time, I will use less cheese, less pesto and only have one!!! Such a big meal has made me very sleepy! I also think these are good enough for a dinner party and would make a brilliant starter. Of course, they would have less filling.

Over to you Dear Reader, who loves filled mushrooms and what do you put in yours? Plus, any teachers who get 'teacher's guilt'?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

Monday, 21 July 2014

Big Quilting giveaway! 2nd Name Selected - is it yours?????

Hello Dear Reader,

Added at 8.22 am- Sue emailed me straight away and the parcel will be on the way xx

Just as promised in the terms and conditions of the giveaway  - Debs Mc Andrew's name was selected by Rafflecopter and then she had 24 hours to email her address to me. Sorry, Debs but I've been checking my email all day and I've even waited until 7pm and I haven't heard from you. Apologies again, but I made the terms and conditions very clear so I can get this posted and away.

I used Rafflecopter to select someone else and the name selected was Sue Foxon. You too have 24 hours to email your address to me. If I don't hear from you then I will keep selecting someone every 24 hours until the prize is won.

I want to get this in the post and off to a new home. xxx

Tell Sue to get emailing! 

It's like a Bullseye moment now.....................'look at what you could have won'

All this is for Sue Foxon...................Sue Foxon..... Come on down!!!!

This is yours too!

If I don't hear from you, then I will select someone else.

 Lots of lovely things for quilting in this prize.

See the 'contact' button at the top of the screen.

Over to you Dear Reader, leave Sue some words of encouragement.