Saturday, 25 October 2014

Winter warming

Hello Dear Reader,

Monday is officially wood burner day. We will have a new chimney pot, lined chimney, hearth of the correct legal size and a wood burner that doesn't leak carbon monoxide. Just to be sure, we're having  monoxide detector fitted in the room too. 

We found a new wood supplier, a young man who works as a gardener, tree surgeon and log supplier. He's turned up with his car and large trailer and we helped him unload.

If you are in my area and want his number, leave me your text number, which I will not publish and will let you know who he is. He's a lovely young guy.

DB moved all the logs into the garden,

I stacked them all away. It's fun really, lego for grown ups.

The outlay of a wood burner is expensive but they do have to be professionally installed by someone with a HETAS qualification and certification or house insurance will not cover any damage by fire. I also have to pay for a chimney sweep every year who also has to leave us the certification that the chimney is clean and undamaged. This is also for home insurance as insurers will not pay out on chimney fires unless the chimney is maintained.

The wood itself is cheap, in some cases free and in any case is prepaid for no surprise bills. Talking of bills, we've managed to reduce our water bill yet again, our personal challenge is to reduce it every quarter. 

I'm off outside with DB, who wrangled some pallets from the industrial estate, he breaks them down and I help chop them into kindling. 

Over to you, good to hear about your wood fired heating, water heating and in some cases, cooking too. Feel free to ask questions about wood heating and we can all chip in with answers, especially if they are about heating in countries outside of the UK. So, what do you want to know about wood fired heating or living without gas/electric central heating.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx