Friday, 31 July 2015

I know we're a cheap date!

Hello Dear Reader,

It doesn't take much to please us, each other, somewhere to stay, some healthy food and some us time. We attempted a bike ride this morning but it was too hot. We're learning. The locals go to the beach from 2pm onwards, even then it's been too hot for us. Above is us when we just arrived at the beach and laid at the back of the beach on the sloping wall. Yes, we did change out of our clothes xx

Another plus side of the weather making us feel lazy is that we don't want much to eat. Lunch was strawberries and thick natural yogurt - Sveltesse, I wish I could get it at home. There's no washing machine in the flat so I've hand washed our laundry and it dries so quickly in the heat. Towels get used and hung up outside to dry and the sun makes them crispy.


We stayed out of the sun until two and then, like the locals, headed to the beach. Tomorrow is when thousands more French people will be on holiday so our already busy beach will get busier. We'll head around the bay a bit even though there's a beach opposite the flat. 

I tried to capture the very orderly nature of the beach users, they seem to form rows, equally spaced with a two metre walk space between the rows. It was all very convivial and chatty and everyone seemed to know everyone. 

I can't believe we've been here a week already, I know it's not real life and just two weeks away but wouldn't it just be lovely if we could get better weather at home and get outside more often.

I've emailed seven people now about the flat, it's just a studio, with children's bunk bedroom, a tiny kitchenette that's more suited to 'camp cooking', a tiny garden but the location is fantastic. There are two supermarkets a bike ride away, a choice of beaches and it's two hours from the ferry port in Roscoff. It also cost £350 a week and there are campsites that charge people that to park and plug in their own caravan in Cornwall! We're cooking in the flat (mostly simple food or salad) and keeping to a comfortable budget.

Roll on another week of this. Feel free to email me if you want the details of the flat, although it could do with an 'update' it would make the perfect base for a family holiday. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx