Monday, 28 July 2014

Beautiful Giveaway

Hello Dear Reader,

From time to time, PR companies or companies themselves contact me and ask if I would be interested in reviewing or advertising a product or company. I will say yes if I think there are bargains to be had or it will save you money. I was contacted by a company from the S.E of England called Choice discount. I took a look at their website and they are certainly very good value for the products that I had time to look at. I particularly liked their homeware section and their range of cook ware is really affordable and the brands they sell are of good quality. 

Currently, they are having a summer 50% off sale which means, if you are local or wanted to use their website then you could go and buy Christmas gifts at really reduced prices. Also, if you are off to a family wedding and wanted to buy the couple a wedding present, their homeware section is really good value. If you live in the South East, then you'll probably have heard of them. If not, then I think it would be worth taking a look. 

I'm giving away the toiletries and scarf they sent me. They are lovely and in gratitude to you for reading, here's a chance for you to stock up for Christmas or just keep them as a treat for yourself.

Here are the terms and conditions. Please make sure you have read them.

The prize is a scarf, shower gel and body butter.

The draw is open from midnight tonight until midnight this Thursday night.

1. Enter the rafflecopter.
2. Be or become a follower.
3. Check if you have won this Friday morning and email me, see contact above, by 10 am GMT this Friday 1st August. If you don't then it will be redrawn. 
4. Leave a comment telling us all about the bargain stores in your area that some of us may not know about. No need to tell us about the national stores.
5. UK giveaway only. 
6. Overseas entries if you would like this to be sent to a friend in the UK.

As always, I really appreciate you reading. It might be the middle of summer but I know that thrifty families will be getting ready for Christmas and this giveaway might be a lovely gift for someone you know.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Keeping an eye on the budget

Hello Dear Reader,

The sun is out and I'm in shorts for the duration. I'm in the hairless legs fan club which can soon add up if I were to use fancy lady razors and foam. Instead I buy men 's disposables from Aldi and hair conditioner instead of shaving foam. I never pay more than. £1 for either. It doesn 't make my legs any slimmer but I can stay hairless for less.

We've had a plasterer out to quote for the work. My advice, do not send your children to college to study anything academic, they will earn more than a teacher and civil servant combined in a day by rendering and plastering! If you want them to earn more than the Prime Minister, get them trained as a heating engineer !!!!! I have two chimney breasts that will take me a week's salary to have plastered! Thankfully, they are jobs that only need doing once!

It's a good job I'm  thrifty to pay for all this and prepared to have a free holiday so we can renovate the house.

Dearly Beloved, worked all day and used a lump hammer and bolster to removed the fire place stone by stone. He then bagged it up and took it load by load to the tip. 

Sorry for the blurry photos, blogging has been courtesy of my phone due to internet speeds slower than pigeon post!

Here's what we have to budget for: 
Chimmey lining and chimney alterations.
Energy effecient woodstove,
Strip the wooden floor and seal it.
Paint the wall and woodwork

And that's just one room ! Fortunately we are again in a rising market and we shouldn 't lose any money on our investment. We then have the rest of the house. It's really imortant to work out what we could afford and then stick to that budget. We can't change our minds or do anything fancy and our home will have to be very simple. 

I've had another slow day , migraine tablets leave me feeling hungover for twenty four hours afterwards. I've pottered and cooked to make the most of the oven and have roasted a joint of lamb and a gammon joint. I've then cooled it and sliced it with the electric slicer. As we're busy with the house we need easy to grab food we can just eat with salad.

Tomorrow, the 'scratch coat' goes on the chimney breast and we 'll at long last get to remove the pongy carpets!

Over to you, what difficulties do you foresee with our budget renovations and how can we avoid them ?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx