Friday, 22 May 2015

Back to life again

Hello Dear Reader,

My head is in holiday mode already and I'm feeling full of life. I've been home a few hours and caught up with the laundry, cleaned the front door and front room window and got through a pile of ironing. This is going to be a 'get it done' staycation where we have lots of jobs to on quite a tight budget and I'm going to get right on with it tomorrow. 

I thought I'd add some photos of our warm balmy evening


Our ferry crossing and looking up river at the dockyard, DB took this from our ferry ride home.


Woodland walk this evening.


The bluebells are fading, the wild garlic has gone but the hawthorn blossom fragrance was heady and hung in the valley below our house.

DB is home with me for the week and we'll fit in plenty of doggie walks, some local rambles, a bit of charity shop foraging and plenty of home cooking.

Thanks to DB for his wonderful photography. I wish I had his skills. 

See you tomorrow 

Froogs xxxx