Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Journey's End........in sight.

Hello Dear Reader,

What ever you do, the beginning and the end is always the hardest. When I started quilting, just as an example, I found everything hard. Cutting the shapes was difficult as I was inconsistent, I didn't get the corners sharp which threw the quilt out of shape. You would think that it would get easier. As a quilt gets bigger, it gets more difficult to manage, the layering and basting almost pulls my shoulders out of my sockets. The final stage of the journey, the quilting, leaves me with aching wrists, sore hips and a painful back. 

I have three UFO's. Today, the journey towards the end involved preparing the backs of the quilts. I'm using some vintage yardage I bought off a lady who'd retired from quilting due to ill health. I've also cut 2.5" strips to fold and iron for the binding. 

In the meantime, my sewing room is in chaos but I'm in the final stage of the journey. I now have to borrow space to lay out my quilts as I just don't have the space anymore. 

Whilst thinking about journeys, I often think of my own and maybe you'll think of yours. It was only two years ago when we restarted our process of downsizing and being able to live well below our means. We are again getting towards the end of a journey where we want to become mortgage free. Hopefully, we're six years away. It is hard to keep going when you've been at the frugal coal face for longer than we'd like but the journey continues. 

Part of that journey towards being mortgage free means on top of my main job, I'm a jobbing freelance writer and today you can find my thoughts on cutting back at Easter here http://www.dontfretaboutdebt.net/do-you-need-to-splurge-at-easter-ideas-for-saving-money-on-your-easter-celebrations/

It would be great if you could pop over and have a read. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx