Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Red Pesto and Halloumi burgers with Brioche buns

Hello Dear Reader,

A huge extravagant blow out!

No matter how careful you are, every once in a while we all want to just eat out, or buy a take away or in this case, eat some thing extravagant for supper. This was a use it up and stuff your tummy type of supper.

I have often seen brioche buns being used with burgers by TV chefs, I bought some for DB and he gave them a go. I make my burgers with just ground beef, salt and pepper and an egg to bind. I form them into patties and cook them without oil in a smoking hot frying pan. I like to let them char slightly then turn. We had most of  a pack of Halloumi cheese and half a jar or red pesto. So my indulgence was dropping by the supermarket for salad and Brioche buns.

The result was superb, I had mine with salad because I can't tolerate the after effects of gluten (chronic IBS, no need to say more) and yes my eyes were bigger than my belly and no I didn't eat all three burgers.

It's a bit indulgent and way over my usual budget. 

Rolls 50p for 2
Salad - 89p bag
Beef for burgers - £1.25 (I bought 2 kilos for £5)
Halloumi - £1.60 a pack
Pesto Rosso - half a jar - 50p


 That was last night's supper, for tonight, we had the second steak and kidney pudding I made and froze with savoy cabbage and carrots. Hopefully one cheapie supper will balance out the expensive one.

Nice though!

Over to you Dear Reader, when you want an extravagant blow out, what's your 'frugal' indulgence?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx