Friday, 31 October 2014

That was the month that was!

Hello Dear Reader,

What a month!

Well we had a thrifty September and October as we had some big saving up to do. We tightened the already tight reins and made it through. We had a mini-break planned and a wood burner to be installed. I've been saving a while for the wood burner but the mini break took some extra planning. We were invited to a free stay at the Ox Pasture Hotel in North Yorkshire. We needed to save for the cost of getting there and some money to go out with when we got there. In short, I had to find another £150 out of my budget to fund the holiday away. We came in under budget, coffee on the journey there and back £10, food on the journey back £15, food on our day out £23 and parking in Whitby £5, and a tank and half of diesel to get there and back £75 and £3.95 on some kippers in Whitby £132. Not bad for a round trip of 784 miles and a really great experience of a really long road trip and a visit to a stunning part of the country. The wood burner was a massive expense but an investment for the years to come that set us back £2100....................when I reflect on the expense of the month, we needed the rest of #stoptober just to fund it!

Here is the quick wizz through some of the rest of the month.

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So now, a serious reflection of the months ahead. We have a holiday next year to save up for and a massive part of that is having my dogs cared for. The biggest expense in November is paying 50% of the cost and then saving a percentage of the cost of the holiday each month. It might not feel worth it at the time, especially when we still have work to do on the house and to find the extra monies each month to take out mortgage reduction to one thousand a month! I will admit, I often have days when I wonder if all the scrimping and saving is worth it. My two days away reminded me that it is worth going without to have special days and my wood burner which is keeping us really warm reminds me that it's good to scrimp to save to invest in the future.

Over to you, who else gets thoroughly fed up of continuously saving up, scrimping and going without? Who else agrees that it's worth it in the end.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx