Thursday, 26 February 2015

Quilt book and magazine giveaway

Hello Dear Reader,

As you all know, I've read Marie Kondo's book and I'm really paring down and sorting everything in the house from top to bottom. I thought I'd de-cluttered. Her book suggests, you look at every item that you own, her words ask if it gives you joy? I have items that give me joy but I will never use. With that in mind, I've had another clear out, been to the charity shop again and now I'm enlisting your help in the clear out.

I'm giving away all of these books and magazines and I'm only keeping the ones I use all the time. I also find a lot of patterns, ideas and designs online. I 'borrow' magazines for free from the library and read them on my ipad. I've really reduced what I own and it sound all very hippy and tree hugging but it's really freeing up my mind too.

My floral boxes now house large pieces fabric according to category. It's all been folded and ziplock bagged to keep it dust free. I have housed all of my 'teacher's equipment' in a tool box by my computer and I've given myself a whole heap of space.


You can have these books but please read the conditions really carefully xxxxx

You will have to come and get them and I won't parcel them up, send them via courier or drop them round your house. Sorry lovvies but I don't need the stress of worrying about that. 

You need to enter the rafflecopter, which requires your email and I will email you when you've won. You'll then have to let me know when you will collect them and another apology coming up here, you'll have to come at the weekend. You're welcome to a cup of tea and slice of cake when you do xxxxx I'd like them gone by the 22nd of March please.  

The closing date is the Sunday 8th of March. It will be nice to meet who ever wins xxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Monthly budgeting

Hello Dear Reader,

Every now and then I stop and reflect on the fact that the last time I was in debt in any way, other than my mortgage, was in 2011. That has meant I have spent since then being solvent, building up savings, paying down the mortgage and being able to buy what I need.

Something have never changed. 

Whilst I was in debt we set ourselves an excruciatingly tight budget and then stuck to it until we were debt free and have downsized. Now, we just have a strict budget. Even now, we don't spend a penny until every direct debit has gone out of our accounts on the first of the month. We still allocate a budget for food, for transport and move the rest into savings.

Here are the things we still have a set budget for: holidays, clothes, pets, house renovations, birthdays and Christmas. We still don't set aside money for going out, meals out, theatre, cinema or visitor attractions with the exception of being members of the National Trust, which is incredibly good value. So, even now we are careful with money.

Here's something else that we haven't changed. We still do all we can to earn extra money and get stuff for free. Today, more firewood and another pallet to cut down into kindling. I still go to the charity shops first if I need something. If I can't find what I want, then my next step is ebay and the last resort is a real shop but only if I can get a discount, if it's in the sale, or if I have a discount code.

It's the end of the month and DB and I have looked at this month's budget. This month I will pay for the holiday accommodation and that's another chunk of holiday paid for. We still need to budget for new European driving licences, travel insurance and European break down cover. It will be worth it as we're going to France twice in the summer, at the beginning for two weeks and for a long bank holiday week end to stay in a friend's mobile home in another area of Brittany that we're looking forward to visiting.

The next planned big expense is to pay for the year's council tax in one go on the beginning of April. I've never done this before. There isn't any great advantage but with all bills, I just like to get them out of the way. Normally, we pay monthly but I want it gone and paid for on the beginning of the financial year. We have no more major household expenses this year. The medium term plan is to save up for a new roof and insulation as the roof is not under felted nor insulated and it is not sound proofed. We will get prices over the next few months and add another 15% for price increases and contingency.

All of this might seem a bit predictable, lacking in spontaneity and restrained but it gives me incredible peace of mind to know that everything is paid for, budgeted for and we can still look forward to two holidays in the summer. It's worth it to us and we're glad we do it.

Over to you, who else has the budget all worked out and has financial plans in place for the immediate and long term.

I might sound nonchalant now, but there was a journey behind this. 

Do you remember?

What about this?

And this?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

It was tidy.....I promise!

Hello Dear Reader,

Here is the old bird, beavering away! I had this room tidy and then I went and did 'stuff' in it! I made a quilt on Sunday evening and finished it last night. Tonight, I've got school work all over, which any teacher will know is a regular mess maker in any office. So, it was tidy and now it's a proper tip again.

Tonight has been a bit hectic. The washing machine was delivered and I had to catch up with all the laundry. It's been like Widow Twanky's here tonight! 

So, catch up with school work, catch up on laundry and catch up on tidying the mess I eradicated only two days ago!

Over to you. Who has the very best intentions of keeping an organised and tidy house?  Only to mess it up themselves with crafting or just getting on with life. I'm not good a minimalism as I'm a messy mare!

I'm off to get another batch of laundry ironed and put away........oh the glamour!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx