Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Today was summer! All day!

Hello Dear Reader,

It was great to press the pause button  tonight. The sun was still hot when we got home at five pm and we could lie in the sun until almost seven. I had such a job trying to convince my dogs to lie in the shade and not the sun. It was hot, I started off in shorts and ended up in my underwear! 

I got the podgy knees out! 

I dozed happily in the rare bit of sun we get here. In fact, sun is so rare that if I were Prime Minister, I would make hot sunny days National days off. On those days you would all have my blessing to lie in the garden in your knickers!

There's something so indulgent about doing nothing for a couple of hours. I skipped slimming club tonight so I'll just have to wait a week to find out what I weigh.

If the sun comes out tomorrow and you're not at work could you go out in the sun for me, when it's not too hot for you, put your feet up and enjoy it. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx