Monday, 20 October 2014

Slow Cooked Gammon

Hello Dear Reader,

We still haven't switched the oven on! It's not only saving me money but the hassle of cleaning the bloomin' thing! After a wonderfully busy Sunday, I got time to catch up with a friend of thirty two years and catch up, put the world to rights and drink tea. I needed some time out and the chat was just what I needed.

To make my Sunday as relaxed as I needed it to be, a simple supper of a slow cooked gammon joint, some buttery mash and some steamed veggies. The photo is of tonight's 'ding cuisine', as you know, I don't cook on Monday's.

So, back to my very lazy Sunday. I took a very average gammon joint and plonked it in the slow cooker, without any moisture and added some peeled potatoes. Any bacon product seems to be full of added water as the crock pot was full of cooking liquor when I came home to the cooked meat. It just fell apart, so I suppose it was 'pulled gammon' which just flaked as I served it. The potatoes were very soft, certainly not roasted, but I transferred them to a dish, added a small scoop of butter and mashed certainly wasn't a disaster.

Lesson learnt? Gammon doesn't need much cooking. Set your slow cooker to high and cook the gammon and spuds, maybe with some onion, for around 4 hours and it will be fine. My six hours was far mote than either needed.

Thanks to everyone who has entered the Crockpot food warmer give away, it will be really handy for someone to take their lunch to work and be able to heat it up when they get there. It's just as useful to use at home too.

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Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx