Saturday, 31 January 2015

Salmon and Prawns with Lemon and Mint

Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks for your concerns, the chest infection has improved but I had to take myself straight to bed when I got home last night as I had a migraine. It was 24 hours before I could stand upright without either vomiting or screaming in pain. I just have to lie still in a dark cool room, leaving only to periodically throw up. It passes and has done so. Most ilnesses come and go in their own time and require nothing more than a bit of tenacity to cope with it.

The side effect of twenty four hours without food means I'm famished this evening and needed a hearty plateful of fish and veggies.

I needed some food inspiration to put a meal plan together this week and have found a selection of recipes, which I will adapt to suit us, from the BBC Food website. I add ingredients, change them or omit them according to our budget.

This week's main meals will be:

Salmon and Prawns with lemon and mint,

Cauliflower and Spinach Bake,

Chilli hotspot,

Beef Stroganoff,

Chicken and Bacon Stew,

Slow cooked Brisket with roasted veggies,

Rarebit Pork Chops.

As I know you'll ask here's the recipe for tonight's supper

2 salmon fillets £2.49 - Aldi
Handful of prawns - I had some to use up - 20p - Aldi
Zest and juice of one lemon - 20p - Aldi
Handful of fresh mint - finely chopped - from my garden
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix the oil, lemon zest, juice and chopped fresh mint.

Plus, six salad potatoes (part of the super six deal this week) runner beans ( bit of an indulgence at 75p a bag) and some frozen pea.

Steam the potatoes and veggies. 

Heat a pan and add the salmon and frozen prawns, after one minute add half the lemon and mint and almost poach the salmon, spooning the lemon and mint over whilst cooking.

Stir the rest of the lemon and mint through the veggies and potatoes. The result is a really fresh zesty supper.

Dearly Beloved really loved it too.

Over to you Dear Reader, what's on your menus this week?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Keema with potatoes and peas 66p per portion

Hello Dear Reader,

This is a can't be bothered to cook recipe. I really didn't want to cook when I got home, this cold has gone to my chest and standing up AND breathing is flippin' hard work right now. To be honest, if there had been a tin of tomato soup in the house, I would have had that instead but there wasn't!

I think everyone knows of Keema, it's just spicy minced meat and add something else so that exactly what I did. This will create six portions, so if I can't breath tomorrow, they we'll have a repeat performance of this again and we'll take some for lunch too. As I said, I really don't feel like standing in the kitchen and this is a eat with a spoon, out of a bowl easy meal that reheats well for other lazy days.

Serves 6 

I had a pack of lean mince £2.09
6 medium potatoes, cut into large cubes - I used 2 baking potatoes 30p
2 small onions, finely chopped 14p
1 cup of frozen peas 9p
6 medium carrots, chopped into small cubes 30p
1 deseeded chilli - finely diced 12p
4 cloves of garlic, - finely diced 8p
1 heaped tablespoon of cumin 5p
2 tablespoons of corriander 10p
1 tablespoon of mild curry powder 5p
2 tins of chopped tomatoes - 62p
Fresh mint - out of the tub in the garden - we have mild weather.
Salt to taste - I added a teaspoon.

£3.94 - 66p per portion

(I bought all my ingredients in my local Aldi and that's how I've priced this)

1. Heat a pan.

2. Add the minced beef and onions - cook thoroughly.

3. Add raw potatoes and carrots, keep stirring.

4. Add the spices and keep stirring.

5. Add all the other ingredients, except the peas, cook for 20 minutes.

6. Add the peas and cook for a further 10 minutes.

When cooked, sprinkle with chopped mint and stir well.

If I had any yoghurt, then I would have made a Raita to go with this, we're running down the cupboards, fridge, freezer ect so we're trying not to shop. So, as I had some mango chutney, they I served it with a dollop of that instead. You could make this without potato and serve with rice but adding potato makes this a quick one pot meal. Let's face it, if I couldn't be bothered to cook then I really couldn't be bothered to wash up!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blue Blueberry Pancakes

Hello Dear Reader,

Here is living proof that cookery can and does go wrong. I often take a recipe and just change the wheat flour for gluten free. I usually use Dove's Farm flours, often as they are the only brand in my local supermarkets. There still are not too many gluten free alternatives that behave in the same way as wheat flour. 

That seems simple enough but I always end up having to play with recipes and alter them slightly. Gluten free flour needs more fluid and has a 'thicker' texture. It will need an extra raising agent and I shall add more next time to get these to puff up.  I'll also make them wetter so they won't be so thick. 

Here's the recipe and my suggestions for a gluten free adaptations.

200g of SR flour
1 beaten egg
1 Tsp baking powder for wheat flour, but 2 for GF
300ml milk or 350ml for gluten free
20g of melted butter- I put it in a cup and microwave for ten seconds
A little butter for cooking.

The recipe said 150g of blueberries, I had more than that and I used them still slightly frozen. They tasted great but they turned the pancakes blue. It was a bit 'Willy Wonka' but I think they wouldn't go completely blue, rather like blueberry muffins do if I'd have used fresh blueberries. 

We had these with a scoop of ice cream and we had them warmed for breakfast with a spoon of local honey.

I thought I would share these as my food isn't always perfect looking but it's ok not to be perfect. One thing I never do is just bin it because it didn't turn out like the cook book.

Over to you Dear Reader, does it go wrong for you too? Do you end up adapting recipes after you've found out it doesn't work?

Until tomorrow, 

Love Froogs xxxx