Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So much to tell you!!!!!

Hello Dear Reader,

This is just not fair. I have money saving news coming out of my ears and no access to the net!! A dongle would come in handy as I have 3G and can piggy back off that.

Here are some terrible teasers and only half the story.

News about low cost weight loss .

News about low cost gym membership.

Cheapest route to weight watchers and the cheapest low point menus.

If you've read all about me today in Woman's Own, find out more by going back in time to read three years worth of blog posts.

The phone line is due to be repaired on Tuesday next week and it will be a busy week of catching up as I tell you all about our latest frugal adventures.

Until then, you can have mini I phone snippets! By then, I should have some weight loss news to share!

Love Froogs x x


  1. Will look forward to hearing the news froogs. Hope you get the phone line sorted soon. It must be very frustrating for you.

  2. It's just not fair....teasing like that!

  3. How annoying to be without your phone line, been following your blog for a few weeks now, and listening to you on our local radio, such good advice, trying hard to follow your example. Can't wait for next Tuesday to hear about the weight loss. Have been struggling for months to lose weight. Thanks Froogs, will look in to your blog each day from now on.

  4. I am a fan of weight watchers so can't wait

  5. Which issue of Woman's Own. We're about six weeks behind the date when they reach Canada.

  6. How annoying, what a long time to wait. I hope you will get something off your bill. I had a problem with Virgin and they said they would do that but I must chase them as I don't think they have.

  7. Looking forward to it! I have done Weight Watchers in the past and it truly works....weight has come back as I got lazy with it. But in the past I lost almost 50 pounds. And you eat real foods!

  8. I cannot imagine life without the phone line. I don't use my phone much, but it is the gateway by which the ADSL connection is keeping me in contact with the outside world.
    I feel your pain and look forward to the mega post once the line is up and running again.

  9. Oh I look forward to to your news! Particularly the low cost weight-loss. I finally cracked up and joined up the local Slimming club after 4 months of very unsuccessful trying it on my own the frugal way. Now it is either new wardrobe or weight loss!
    Hope your phone line gets fixed.

  10. I will have to skip the woman's own mag as I'm determined not to buy extra stuff but if i see a copy on the newagents shelf i'll take a frugal peek!! I knew you'd go far!

    hugs to you

    San xx

  11. Hi Froogs. I'm a Weight Watchers member, it works for me, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about it from you. Hope you get the phone line working soon, must be frustrating for you.


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