Thursday, 16 May 2013

Free Gym membership giveaway

Hello Dear Reader,

I was contacted by with an offer that I won't take up but I will pass on to fellow readers and bloggers. They want to offer bloggers a month's free gym membership and then see if you are motivated enough after a free month to continue using it.

As you know, or may not know if you're a new reader, I was reluctant to join the gym as I felt I wouldn't use my membership and that gyms were not for me. My first tentative steps into a gym took me into a world that I initially found strange and soon became a habit that I just can't break. Diet alone just doesn't work for me, but a combination of diet and exercise has reduced me from a size 18 to a size 14 and I'm not stopping there! My weight has reduced from 14/4 to 12/12 and I hope to hit my target of 11 stone within a year. I will admit, it's vanity, self consciousness and a degree of self loathing that keeps me going and, although it's a cheesy catch phrase....................this time is the last time I am ever going to lose weight.

I'm following advice and making successive workouts harder and try to push myself a little bit further. I squat deeper, I add another 10 kilos, I tighten the brake more and more on the spin bike and I add more reps. If it gets easier then I just make it harder.

So many of you have been reading this blog for years and know that I don't part with money easily and certainly don't spend money needlessly. I keep going to the gym as I'm not prepared to give up on the investment in myself. I think many women will get what I'm about to say. I put off looking after me for years and years and looked after everyone else and didn't put myself on the list, let alone at the top of the list. I woke up to the fact that I was tired from carrying around the weight of a small child and was out of breath just walking up a steep hill. I found out very quickly that I was healthy and strong and that the only thing that was getting in the way of a slimmer and more importantly healthy me was quite simply eating less and moving more. Now, I've no need of a month's free gym membership so I'm going to pass this onto as many bloggers who want this. See the article below and follow the link!!!!

Don't say I never give you anything. I'm going to give you firmer bits and less dangly bingo wings!

Looking to get in Shape?

Summer is fast approaching, and many of us will be thinking about getting in shape - whether that's to go on holiday, or to look great in the famous British summer (although looking good in a waterproof coat is difficult no matter who you are!)

Living a healthy lifestyle can do more than just make you look good in a pair of shorts though - many life insurance companies will increase the cost of their life insurance premiums if they consider your BMI as being high enough to cause an enhanced risk to your health - yet another reason to keep in shape!

However, we also know that going to the gym is expensive (with some gym memberships weighing in at over £70 a month!), and as such many people are unwilling or unable to afford a monthly membership at their local health club.

Here's where We Can Help!

We're offering bloggers the opportunity to try out a gym local to them for a month, paid for by us, in order to see whether they feel like it's worth the expense.

That's right - We want an army of bloggers to try hitting the gym for a full month and see if they think the paying the money in order to stay fit and healthy, then write about it - and we'll pay for it too!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can really have an effect on your life insurance premiums, and we're really keen to help our customers save money any way we can - all you need to do is email with the phrase GYM FOR THE WIN in the subject header and a link to your blog, and we'll get in touch to let you know exactly how to go about getting your month's free gym membership!

Feel free to share this with any other bloggers that might be interested - whether they're interested in getting in shape for the summer, want to lose a few pounds to fit into those jeans , or even if you think they'd enjoy the challenge!

To Recap...

To get involved:

  • • simply email us at with "GYM FOR THE WIN" in the subject with the address of your blog
  • • We'll get in touch to arrange your membership
  • • You tell us about you experiences on your blog
  • • We send you a questionnaire at the end of it

... And that's it - Good luck!

View Terms and Conditions here


Love Froogs xxxxxxxxx


  1. Congrats on your own personal success! I was exercising regularly to the Brazil Butt Lift workout for about a year and have drastically changed my eating habits, but I've become quite lazy recently. Still eating better, but no workouts! Sigh. I can't seem to get motivated. Have a super day!

  2. I am over 50 and size 18, but although most of me sags and wobbles i have very little in the way of bingo wing....Im a feltmaker-all the rubbing and rolling and just moving heavy wet wool about keeps my upper arms in shape!

  3. I cant afford a gym at any cost but feel it is money well spent if it works for you , exercise is not just about the vanity thing it can help you achive strength to recover from health issues , i started exerciseing very, very ,slowly and built up gradually over 6 months helping me to start strengthening my core muscles to support my back, makeing my flare ups of chronic pain to get less and less , with the help of stong pain killers monitered by my doctor , in the begining i honestley did not think this would be something i would be able to do because of the pain , but its slowly working and at 52 i have also dropped a dress size from a 18 to a 16 ,this has motivated me to start to eat more healthy too , posatives all round i say x

  4. My gym is alot dearer than yours, it's £30 a month each and that with couples discount, however i love it i feel for me classes are the best motivation as i have to do that hour and in similar time, rhythm or weight to everyone else. I was the most unfit person you would ever meet and i'm still not very fit but i miss it when i don't go and love the feeling coming out. I don't smoke rarely drink and i'm very careful with money so feel i deserve this small spend every month on my health.

    I've lost 21 lbs is 3 months, my lovely husband has lost over 3 stone and we feel great :)

  5. I'm totally gym phobic, and can't afford it at any price, anyway. I have devised a simple exercise routine to do at home, though, and have combined it with doing much more physical work (gardening & the like)and eating more vegetable based meals. I've dropped one dress size and feel much better already - just have to keep motivated. Slow but sure progress is the way to go for me.

  6. I started exerciseing very, very ,slowly and built up gradually over 6 months helping me to start strengthening my core muscles to support my back, makeing my flare ups of chronic pain to get less and less.
    The Woman in Black

  7. I started exerciseing very, very ,slowly and built up gradually over 6 months helping me to start strengthening my core muscles to support my back, makeing my flare ups of chronic pain to get less and less.
    The Woman in Black

  8. I'm a swimmer and we just opened our pool for the season. The water is still a bit cold but by next week I will be in it nearly everyday until late September. Unfortunately, it is seasonal but I manage to take off any winter weight gained with laps and water aerobics. The winter months I am less motivated [lazy] and will on occasion sprint walk with daily stretching. Sometimes I will throw in something different to mix it up but swimming is where my exercising is most enjoyed.


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