Sunday, 16 June 2013

Frugal Queen on the radio

Hello Dear Reader,

Listen again to me on Radio Cornwall today - move the slider to the last hour and you can listen to me chatting to Debbie McCrory. Click HERE 

Let me know if you listened and where you are as is great for Radio Cornwall to get listeners from far and wide. Did I miss anything out?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


  1. Listened via Internet after church. You were brilliant. So entertaining and informative.

  2. I listened on the iplayer here in sunny, (90f) Dallas and as always, enjoyed hearing your voice and all your super information. I wish they would give you longer to chat, it is over too quickly!
    Pam in TX.xx

  3. I enjoyed listening very much, lots of inspiration and motivation :) I was listening on the internet from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as I have every month.
    You're doing a wonderful job!

  4. I enjoyed the radio program. Thank you from Indiana USA

  5. Listened in all the way from Australia. It was just like you were sitting in my livingroom. Sue

  6. Listened on the internet, and I will give you my review (how arrogant, yes?) First I caught myself adding up your children's ages and how old you must be and assuming you were not pregnant at age 12 you are not that much younger than me, but you look younger and that is just mildly depressing. Secondly you talk in person the same way you write, some might say doesn't everyone but the answer is no, when people write they have more time and will try to sound proper instead of normal, this is a gift, it makes you as fun to listen to as to read! Third and most important your passion comes through, you truly believe and it comes out in your voice. Your advice is good and the information is very important, I enjoy your blog and have used some of your ideas, we live debt and credit free - it is a little scary but remarkably freeing. Keep banging the drum, more and more people are needing this!
    PS - could you tell me please what is 'rocket' that you eat?! (the language barrier!)
    (From Middle of nowhere Idaho)

    1. Rocket is arugula - does that help?

  7. I am 47 and was 46 when the photo was taken - thanks for the compliment x

  8. Only listened to half of it yet as i was interupted while i was listening planning to shut myself in to my bedroom with no interuptions , i must admit i fast forwarded to your interview , i was so interested i cant wait to listen to it all.

  9. A brilliant chat on the radio very informative, you really seem to get on well with the presenter and it shows in a very informal yet full of information, tips, in general just a very helpful hour, and you should have helped loads of people with that one.

  10. You sound as lovely as you look. A great show, I wish it ran for an hour ;) It's true laziness and disorginazation costs you money.
    I wish my teenaged son would realize that.

  11. Got to actually log and in listen for the first time--how very fun to actually hear your voice, Froogs! Your voice is delightful. Now you seem so REAL--ha!

  12. I am in Atlanta, GA and love that I can hear you talk about this from across the ocean. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hello, I listened from Northampton and found it all extremely relevant. By the way, as an ex-student radio presenter and occasional narrator, might I say you sounded great!

    You did strike a chord when you talked about the psychology... I am committed to a frugal path to clear my debt and confident in my ability to manage, and yet I still found myself having a teary moment over the weekend... I couldn't afford to be generous for father's day and found myself crying about it. I don't know why I felt ashamed but I did. Weird, isn't it?

  14. Hi Froogs,
    good sound advice without preaching. Really enjoyed listening to you.
    I'm in Birmingham uk


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