Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Where to visit in Cornwall - Treasures on our doorstep

Hello Dear Reader,

The weather has been wonderful today and I made sure we caught the last of the evening sun. We live eight miles north of the coast so it was a quick drive to Looe. People were still on the beach when we arrived, the part time fire fighters were practising their drill, the life boat was out and about honing their skills, people were jogging and swimming and many people were walking their dogs. 

 Here's the view from the end of the pier back towards the beach.

Here's the view from the pier to Rame Head.

 The beach at low tide. No dogs allowed on the beach.........but we wanted Dolly to paddle in the sea.

A Cornish street! People live above this.

View from Looe bridge out towards the mouth of the harbour.

 Retained fire fighter practising and checking equipment. The fire engine is so small to get around the narrow streets and lane. The four wheeled drive vehicle is for the other work they do such as cliff rescue.

I love the thought of paying the ferryman to take me from one side of the river to the other!

The mouth of the harbour and the lifeboat slipway.

Hannafore Beach! Hannafore is the 'posh' part of Looe. Massive houses, posh hotels BUT! plenty of free parking, a beach at low tide and you can take your dogs on this one! Dolly had her first sniff of the sea and took me where she wanted to go. She's such a nosey puppy and loved the shoreline.

Here's the view of all of Looe that I took at the end of our walk as we turned the corner and saw Looe again. I love these summer evenings and that it stays light until nine and that it was warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt. I consider myself so blessed to have such treasures on my doorstep. Thanks Dearly Beloved for dragging me out tonight, sometimes I just want to see the sea.Thanks for all the concerns about my helps if I keep moving and seems to only hurt now if I have to sit down at all.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely photos! I do wish I lived closer to the sea.
    So nice to see Dolly having a lovely outing - she really lucked out when she found a home with you :)

  2. What beautiful photos...boy do i envy you...xx Linda

  3. What a beautiful place for a walk! Dolly looked like she was having a marvelous time.
    Do you think you bruised your tailbone? I was in the surf once with my back to the waves. I know you never turn your back on waves but I was keeping my eye on the kids playing in the water. Anyway, a big wave lifted me up and sat me down on the sand, hard. I broke my tailbone and had to sit on one of those donuts for a few weeks. It might help if that's the problem.

  4. So nice to see you relaxing, thank you for taking us along.
    Pam in TX.

  5. I love the ocean. Hearing the waves breaking, sea gulls etc.....we live 3 hours away though. I always wished I lived in a New England town like Cabot Cove. LOL

  6. I enjoyed this summer evening walk with you and Dolly.
    Reminds me I haven't gone to the beach lately with Brownie, must do it soon.

  7. The sea is a healing force, so good for Dearly beloved! I hope to visit Cornwall some day...

  8. I'm glad to hear that your back is improving. Lovely walk : )

  9. When you're feeling bad, either ill or in pain I always find a walk by the sea really helps, the ions in the air seem to cure all manner of ills :-)

    Dolly looks like she's really enjoying herself.

  10. It looks like a nice place, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  11. We were in Looe yesterday too - we took the 50p ferry TWICE as Andrew and our toddler had never been on a boat before! T'was lovely there yesterday wasn't it :) xx

  12. Really pretty Froogs. I'm about 50 miles from the nearest patch of coast and would love to live by the seaside.
    It is winter here in Australia, so where I am we have been waking up to sub-zero mornings and pleasant sunny days for the past few days. Our cats are perplexed as to why there is sunshine, but it really doesn't have any warmth in it unless you are behind glass.
    It sounds like you have your back problem sorted, and I do hope that you have someone lovely to gently massage some linaments into it. :)

  13. I live in looe,I moved here just over 12 months ago from Accrington in Lancashire with my husband and two sons we have been lucky enough to have found work and the boys love the local schools, so glad we were brave enough to make the move,

  14. So glad you're feeling better ; take care, the holidays are coming very soon !x

  15. How funny that both you and I spent the day at the beach!! I had a visitor from the West Coast and we spent a glorious afternoon paddling in the North Sea ................ how brave are we??

    So glad you back is better - you know how much sympathy I have to those with sore backs, but (fingers crossed) I haven't had so much as a twinge since my op.

    Love from "over the border and awa'"


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