Monday, 1 July 2013

Spicy Corned Beef pasties

Hello Dear Reader,

Apologies for the state of my pasties! Pastry too 'short' means there was too much fat in the pastry and it was difficult to handle and split. I haven't wasted it and used it any way. These are for Dearly Beloved's lunches and cost 49p each to make.

The filling
2 large potatoes diced - 18p
1 tin of value baked beans - 25p
1 tin of value corned beef - £1.50 - from the use it up store
1 large onion - finely diced - 23p
1 sachet of fajita mix - from Approved Food - (6 for £1) - 16p - from the use it up store.
Mix together in a bowl and use to fill the 'pasties'.

The pastry was 1lb of plain flour,  21p pinch of salt 4oz margarine 22p and 4 oz of lard - 18p. Cut fat into cubes and rub into the flour until you have breadcrumbs and then add iced water and mix until you have a dough. Chill and roll out as required. These could be made smaller and would be great lunch box fillers for children. 

Spicy corned beef pasties for 49p each. If you omitted the corned beef and added sweetcorn and some peas the total cost would be £1.93 and not £2.93 and the pasties would be 32p each! The vegetarian version, along with cereals for breakfast and a £1 allowance for dinner would bring a day's food to £1.50.

Over to you Dear Reader, who else thinks they can feed themselves for £1.50 a day and who actually has to? What would you put in a pasty to have a cheap but tasty lunch?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. They look good. I've never had beans mixed with corned beef. We normally use potatoes, onions and peppers.

    Cream cheese, chicken, and mixed veggies or broccoli make a great filling. (Just use leftover bits of chicken for a make over meal.)

    Taco meat (ground meat with taco seasonings) and beans (black, pinto, or whatever) is another option.

    If I am doing my math right 1.50 a day for you would be about $2.30 for me in US dollars. I could figure out a way to do it, but I'll honestly admit I am counting my blessings that at present I don't have to.

  2. Pasties are a great idea, You have inspired me to learn to make pastry!

    Can't believe it i am already struggling with the "just do with what i have in july". I thought i had a well stocked kitchen and it would be a breeze. The first thing i have run out of is strong flour for my new bread maker (which is fab) and my electronic scales have packed in!
    I'm not giving in i'll borrow some scales and make cakes instead!!!

    1. You can make bread baps with normal plain flour instead of strong and I have also made bread loaves with plain as well. Not sure how they would work in a bread maker but in an oven come out great!

  3. This recipe does sound so yummy! Must give it a try someday soon!

  4. Do you know I hate baked beans and corned beef in their unadulterated form. But when they are a constitutent part of a recipe I'm more amenable to them both. I just might try this! x

  5. I've really got to start making pastry and bread again...your pictures always make my mouth water!

  6. Oh, dear - just lucky they taste good,eh? I bet you were cursing when trying to get them together.

    I made a batch of curried mince and veggie pasties for my girls to take back to the city - they loved them. Such a quick dinner (simply thaw and heat) if they come in late and can't be bothered. I love portable food like pasties and pies!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  7. If I make my pastry a bit on the short side I find it rolls well between sheets of cling film or greaseproof paper and there for is easier to handle. I love pasties but usually avoid pastry because of the calorie value!!!!

  8. I am finally home and will start the use it up and make it do effort this afternoon. I can guarantee that the rest of the household will not be on board but I can try. I think the conversion rate brings my efforts to just shy of $2.50 Aus and I doubt if I could bring the entire day's food in under that.

  9. I have a toasted sandwich for lunch with either sweetcorn and cheese or luncheon meat, a biscuit for a snack and four pieces for fruit which I am sure is about a pound. Dinner drives up the price a bit.

    Maybe a pasty with my leftovers would be nice. Tonight it is a mexican style mince with veg, or last nights butter chicken would be nice.

    Good on your Frugal Queen.

  10. Thank you, I will try this, I love the fajita mix idea as I have a whole jar of the stuff and don't use it very much.

  11. I also avoid pastry, but while OH is having his, I put the same filling into a flour-n-water pancake, and we can eat almost the same thing. My veggie favourites are - Homity Pie (cheese, potato and onion or leek), veg sausage and baked bean, veg curry, chickpea and mushroom - the list is almost endless.
    Lynn x

  12. They look great !! I made corned beef, potatoe and onion pies the other day they were yummy and the MR took some work for dinner ! I've started a blog of my own if u wud like to take a look 'a pretty little adventure' x

  13. Have been living on that and less for years. Helps that I am a veggie. Found the way to cope with the paucity of finance was to regard it is a chellenge and a hobby. Once you start thinking about how to trim costs it almost becomes a game. There is vegan recipe for sweetcorn andcashew pasties which uses tiny quantities and is incredibly tasty. Saw a recipe for chickpea flour tofu. Wont be trying that one again but the remaining portion is going to find itself in a very well flavoured sauce!!!!! Anona ps to the lady who has run out of strong flour to make bread. Ordinary plain or SR will do the job but will be a bit denser and cakey but hey my tastebuds aint that picky

  14. I think I will make these for tomorrows tea there should be hopefully 2 left (if I make smaller ones for the 2 smaller children)for my husband and sons packed lunch the day after.

  15. I make a similar thing, a kind of corned beef hash, with baked beans in it. Instead of fajita mix, I use Worcester sauce and a bit of tabasco -yum!! Mr Twigs makes divine chicken and leek pasties!!


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